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TOSHI is a Unified payment solution between mobile money wallets in 14 African countries. Our purpose is Money without borders.

About Us - Why Toshi?

TOSHI is a Unified payment solution between mobile money wallets in 14 African countries.

Mobile money is a digital payment platform that allows for the transfer of money between cellphone devices. The technology is installed in the SIM card of the device and can be used on regular and smartphone devices.

Users can receive, withdraw, and send money without being connected to the formal banking system but the systems are closed loop systems who don't allow users to circulates funds outside the systems of the operator they have chosen.

With the Toshi Wallet , you can hold money from all the mobile money operator— and switch between them in seconds. You can send money to over 14 countries in a few, quick clicks. And you can receive money from over 14 countries, fee-free, using just your mobile number.

Best Services

Financial services in Africa need to change. They should be fair, transparent, simple, and built to serve customers — not shareholders.

Interoperability in mobile financial services

Achieving fully interoperable mobile money services that fulfil the needs of customers remains a goal for both the industry and the financial inclusion community. With Toshi, you are able to transfer your money no matter your provider to another provider.

The thing that makes Toshi unique is the fact that you have the ability to do your transactions within the 14 countries using XOF as currency. We are talking here about the 8 countries from the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) and the 6 countries from the Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC).

Mobile money interoperability allows customers of different mobile financial services providers to interact with each other, for example by making direct payments from the mobile money account of one provider to the mobile money account of another provider. It can benefit consumers and businesses and contribute to increased financial inclusion.

Virtual or Physical Debit Card

Due to our network of partners, we are proud to offer you the Toshi Debit Card. A virtual debit card is issued to you when you open your Toshi account. However, for a service fee, we offer the possibility of issuing a physical debit card if required.

You will therefore be able to access the ATMs of our partner bank for your withdrawals. We would like to reassure our customers who only want the virtual card that it will also be possible to make withdrawals at the ATMs with the Toshi mobile application.

As an added function to the regular sending/receiving operations between Toshi accounts (the 14 countries covered), we offer you the possibility to make movements between your mobile money accounts and your Toshi account. This is valid in both directions.

Pay your bills with ease !

Don't miss bill payments when it can be handled for you with ease.

Top-up Mobile airtime and Internet bundles, pay Utilities and Cable TV subscriptions on the Toshi App.

Be alerted when bills and subscriptions are due. Don't want to be bothered, you can set payments to be handled automatically.

With Toshi get yourself an access to various type of online services unfortunately unaccessible with the basic mobile wallet.

Data Security

As a payment method aggregator, securing your data is at the heart of our concerns. This is why, with our partners, we have developed Toshi Secure policy to guarantee this commitment. When you carry out a transaction via Toshi, your personal information and that of your customers is secure from the beginning to the end of your transaction. Toshi undertakes not to disclose this information to a third party.

Security from the start to the end of your operations

Using state-of-the-art technology, we take daily measures to prevent and fight against fraud in order to ward off possible financial embezzlement.

All payment and withdrawal flows made from our web platform & mobile application are secure.

All financial service providers whose services are available on Toshi also take increased security measures on their platforms to guarantee you an optimal level of security for all your processing and transactions via the Toshi platform.

Our Security Protocols

  • Tokenisation

    This protocol is used to avoid transmitting sensitive information over the Internet, instead a 20-character alphanumeric code is used.

  • Time Out

    After 10 minutes of inactivity, your session expires and you are obliged to log in again to perform an action on your account (useful if you forget to log out or if someone accesses your computer/smartphone while you are away).

  • Code OTP

    A One Time Password code is sent by SMS when you register and for certain sensitive operations.

  • All Or Nothing

    A payment is composed of several stages, if one of these stages fails for given reasons, the operation is canceled in its entirety. The customer's account is not debited and the merchant's is not credited.

  • API Keys (test et live)

    The keys make it possible to identify and authenticate a site on which a payment wants to be made, so without these keys no payment is possible. For this, the keys used during the test phase (integration of our APIs on a site) are different from those used during the actual payment phase.

  • Double verification by Checksum

    During the various exchanges with Toshi, a checksum procedure by hashing your authentication keys is applied in order to allow you to have the assurance that the responses do indeed come from one of our servers and not from a fraudulent intermediary.

  • Physical confirmation of the customer via telephone

    Afin de s'assurer de la volonté effective du client de procéder au paiement, une confirmation est requise par le partenaire du mobile money, par exemple saisir le code secret.

  • Redundancy of our servers & Backup of our databases

    Our servers and databases are doubled to ensure continuity of service in the event of failure of the first.


Meet Our team member

Gnona Ayi Dovi Serge

Chief Executive Officer

Amedayenou Trevor Christian

Chief Technical Officer

Ganiyu Smith

Chief Customer Officer

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